Gracie Adamson

Gracie Adamson is a talented illustrator and artist who sparks imagination and creative fantasy for young children and their families. Her art reflects her experiences growing up in an Italian migrant family, where she was encouraged to celebrate the diversity of our world and the magic of living in Australia’s natural world. Her passion for nature, early childhood education and culture cemented her personal art style and genre.

Gracie is a strong believer in the power of art to promote the value of play for children’s learning and development. She is strongly influenced by her love of nature and the abundant diversity that exists in our natural environment. Her work inspires others to learn more about our natural environment and protect our wild places. Gracie’s fungi series, brings visibility and focus to the beauty of our forests and the abundant fungi ecosystem that lives within it. Her inclusions of little ‘Fungi folk’ provide a medium for intrigue and imagination stimulating children’s curious about the world around them and giving them the freedom and permission to explore their natural world.

Gracie has also created a series of natural and original collage artworks which are individually crafted using pressed leaves, from her garden or feathers found in her community. The leaves and feathers, as a medium demonstrate the exquisite artistry that exists in the natural form and provides an outlet for self-expression and reflection.

Gracie’s has published her artwork in the form of a series of illustrations for children’s books which are designed to educate children on the topics of sustainability, the preservation of our natural environment and the development of children’s imagination. Her art serves as a powerful medium of advocacy for these themes.