Linda Gallus

Linda Gallus is a local artist living on the picturesque Bellarine Peninsula. Her early immersion into the world of art and painting gave Linda the inspiration and curiosity to find a path as an artist. As she has journeyed around Victoria, certain scenes, structures, light effects, animals, birds and stories capture her imagination and her mind instinctively begins to form a visual summary, taking particular note of aspects that inspire her. Her visual memory, retraces the lines, smells and colours she sees and allow her to immerse herself in that original location.  She will revisit the location allowing her to sort through the many visual elements she wants to express on the canvas. Linda often revisits the place she is interested in many times, observing the animals, birds and people in the landscape. By the time she is ready to paint on the canvas, she has sorted through most of the problems and challenges, but along the way things always change, and her artistic discretion allows her to paint elements that weren’t in the original plan but make sense to the scenery as the painting evolves. The final paintings are not realistic representations of what she sees but more a constructed reality, where previously unrelated elements come together to tell a story.