Sue Woolnough

Sue Woolnough is a contemporary abstract artist based in the beautiful location of Victoria’s Surf Coast. Sue’s love of nature and landscapes have led her to an innovative and ethereal approach and style to her art.  Ever since she can remember Sue has been drawn to expressing herself through art, having broadened her practice and experimented in all forms of art, including acrylics to oils to watercolours. The ever-present constant in Sue’s practice, has been her love of art as a vehicle for expression.

Equal to her use of art for self-expression, would be her love of colour and movement in her art practice. Her use of multiple mediums and layering has allowed her to reimagine her practice by exploring the properties of acrylics, oils and watercolours and mixing colours that make her work new and original. Sue’s colour palette has been led by her passion for interior design. This love of colour and design led her to be featured on the television series “Love It or List It Australia” with her paintings being displayed in Australian homes for all of us to see and enjoy.

Guided by her need to connect with the viewer, Sue’s work often is initiated by a profound need to convey an emotion or meaning. Her work is a combination of painting processes and pure chance, as each work takes on a life of its own, presenting a unique puzzle for her to solve. As the painting evolves and transforms, the painting itself begins to guide the artist in its own unique direction.

As a self-directed and intuitive artist, Sue is free to explore both remembered and imagined places, inviting the viewer to linger a while, to look deeper, to enjoy passages of time, and to interpret the work in any way. Ultimately Sue’s aim is to capture something unique for that viewer.

Sue’s own art journey is kept fresh and enlivened by attending events and workshops hosted by her favourite artists and visiting galleries, necessary food for the soul of an artist. Sue’s network of collectors and friends has grown through my participation in many art shows, exhibitions and arts trails throughout Victoria and Australia. These events strengthen her desire to share art in a welcoming and non- judgmental way.