What is the archival life of a fine art print?

Every print medium has its own individual archival life, however in general the archival life for a printed pigment ink framed image is 150-200 years.
Stored in a light-sealed environment archivists expect historical preservation of 300+ years. 

Do you ship overseas?

We don't offer international shipping options as a standard, as there are many variables that can influence the final cost. 
Get in touch with our friendly staff here and we'll find a solution.

I have just received my fine art print in a tube, what should I do next?

We recommend leaving the print in the tube and take it your experienced framer to safely handle the print.

If you are planning to frame it yourself, we recommend wearing cotton gloves and taking it out of the tube in a dust-proof environment.
Take extreme care of the surface of the print, ensure you handle it delicately by the paper edge.