Art in your workplace is a real game changer

Life is slowly starting to return to normal and many businesses are now also returning to the office, joining together as a team again. Over the past few weeks and months many businesses have made the decision to stagger the return to the office and slowly build up employee numbers progressively. 

Completely understandable, but what has changed in the office? 
Does the office need a touch of “something new” to make it more appealing for employees returning to work? Providing something new and different for your customers to see and employees, can really help to position your business and brand and in turn make it more appealing for employees.

Art in an office space is like that “first impression” you make when you meet someone for the first time.

It not only inspires, motivates and makes one proud of their job and the company they work, but it gives employees and customers that visual cue that things have changed, the business is charging forward positively and it creates a sense of individuality to the company brand.

The benefits of investing in art for your office has been shown to extend to improving the wellbeing of workers as well as the company’s bottom line. 

Wall art inspires more productive work and relieves stress.

Working in a company where there are many important and clear reference points to creativity has been proven to boost productivity when compared to a workplace with limited colour, light and creative spaces.

In one example, Deutsche Bank found that teams who work in an enriched office, which included meeting and workspaces with artwork, worked 15% quicker than a team who worked from a sparsely decorated workspace.  

Corporate art isn’t just a design choice; it’s an office-wide stress-reliever.

Displaying art is a simple way to ease tensions, reduce stress, and restore mental energy: all of which increase efficiency. 

A brand can create their own identity through art

Companies brands who for example choose art that is “edgy” and on trend with unconventional styles, portray themselves as trendy and progressive in the way they do work. Suppose you want your clients to know you are not afraid to be innovative and depart from the traditional? Art is a great way to convey that message in a way that isn’t overpowering or conspicuous. 

Art can send a clear but subtle message regarding what the company stands for (or against). Many companies use art to show their support for current movements and demonstrate their values to their customer and client base.

What type of art should you bring into the office? 

People – both customers and employees like to understand art, but they also want to look at something with a certain visual complexity, something that will give the viewer plenty to look at without being overwhelmed.

Think about different ways to display art, perhaps a mural would be a great way to add creativity and innovation to a meeting or shared lunch space. Encouraging employees to spend time together and have a wall that is exciting to look at, is a great way to build up moral and bring together people in a face to face environment. 

In a boardroom location however, perhaps artwork that is representative of the brand and what the company stands for is a more informed and important choice. Make the choices that help create the mood or feeling you want to build in the space. 

Think about selecting originals, perhaps artists from your local region or city for the reception area and high-quality framed canvases in the customer facing areas. Then lean in on street art trends, perhaps by creating a mural, that can cover an entire wall, but also murals can provide that “bang for buck” in the areas where employees are spend most of their time to really set the tone of the room.

The bottom line?

Art can add to your bottom line, even if you are working from a home office.

Any increase in productivity, no matter how small, is a plus. A single, slight increase from one employee in one department every day for the rest of the year really adds up. 

In the end, this makes art profitable for everyone.

We are here to help you curate the perfect pieces for your space.
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