File Preparation

Colour Correction

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Colour Correction

Colour correction for original art is an exact science and has to be approached with finesse and expertise.

Our goal is to recreate the original with 100% accuracy.

We do this through our 4K EZIO calibrated screens. The screens in our studio are precisely calibrated to our large format printers, hence the colour on the screen will be the colour on your print - we will not compromise on that until it’s spot on!

File Preparation

File preparation occurs at the end of the process, when we are satisfied the colours are accurate we supply to you, your files in high-res versions either in TIFF or JPEG or web ready compressed files at 70DPI. All our large high-resolution files are supplied back to you at 300DPI. 

Each and every digital file is saved on our hard-drive for 1 year as a backup.


The 'dots per inch' or DPI need to be 300DPI or more to gain a high quality Giclée print.

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