Corporate fitout

Wall art that inspires your staff and welcomes your customers

Make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Art in an office space is the first impression you make when you meet someone for the first time.

Look and feel

Bringing art into corporate spaces is what we love to do.

It makes a space look professional, striking, lifts the mood and allows the company to make a statement about their own brand personality.

Quality curation, selection and knowledge around art is key to making a statement. It sends a message of care and inspiration to your employees and to your customers.

Make a statement with art today to make your brand stand out from the crowd.


Matching the art to the zone is a key element in getting the right look and feel, three zones to consider are:

Foyer or reception: 
Statement artwork, connecting to your brand, high quality framing/finishing. Wall feature “like a wallpaper” that covers an entire wall up to the ceiling.

Historical images are often chosen here and give a room a focal point that treasures a company’s history. Old photos lacking life can given a huge facelift, enhanced with new digital technology, recreated for people to rediscover.

Employee break area:
A mural with meaning really makes for a focal point for employees to relax and enjoy artwork that is uplifting, inspiring and lifts energy levels.

Co working space

The walls at this agriculture co working space came alive with Nathan Dyer's photography.

TVD Group Builders

These geometric shapes created the perfect wall art display.

Federal Mills

These images set the tone for the boardroom.

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