Adam Snow

Adam Snow is the Surf Coast’s newest photography talent, he describes himself as an adventure, surf, sport and nature photographer with a knack for finding the beauty in our natural surroundings. A local country boy from the town of Bellbrae, Adam previously was a carpenter by trade and was forced to give up his trade due to persistent pain and overloading to his wrists. His fascination with the camera, photography and film making started when he was at school and was reignited when he hung up his tools for the camera. Adam has a passion for kite surfing and spends the majority of his time behind the lens in the surf, he loves being close to the action and captures the beauty of our world through a thoughtful and instinctive approach to photography. Adam lives by the philosophy that its important to take time to be in the moment and make sure we stop and look up to see what is in front of us. In our busy world, Adam believes we should all focus on the obsession, put simply, his anecdote to life is to follow your passion!