Antje Collis

Antje Collis is one of Bell’s most accomplished artists and her work is exhibited regularly in art shows and galleries across Australia. In her early years as an emerging artist, Antje’s keen powers of observation and irrepressible good humour allowed her to celebrate the natural world in vibrant and whimsical compositions. Antje since forged a successful career by depicting the amusing antics of chickens, cats, birds, quizzical owls and seahorses afloat in washes of blue green sea.  Flashes of gold punctuate her incredible works and complement her beautifully drawn flowers, musical instruments and aerial landscape drawings.

Antje’s depth of talent, allows her to have four or five works on the go at any one time.  As each painting competes for attention, Antje subscribes to the less is more mantra. She lives by the belief to stop before you think it’s finished, to avoid overworking her compositions.  Her talent speaks for itself and her art would be perfect in a relaxed living room setting, a holiday home outdoor space or an intimate location. We literally have so many artists and art lovers who adore her work and we are super proud to bring her collection to you.