Con Sismanis

Con Sismanis

Con Sismanis is a talented architectural and street art photographer, creating artwork in the genre of landscape art, residential and large-scale architecture.

Based in Torquay, Con was drawn to the camera through his love of people, their interactions with their surroundings and “real life” moments they experience in daily life. His keen artistic eye, led him to work in large-scale building projects. When he is not shooting, he is part of a team responsible for building Melbourne's most iconic buildings and projects. In fact presently, Con is involved in building Melbourne’s largest ever infrastructure build, the underground Metro Tunnel. 

Acquiring a passion for architecture at an early age, Con has impressively created a portfolio of work from the metropolitan streets of Melbourne to the world's most recognisable streets from cities all over the world.

Con’s passion in the realm of symmetry, honed his capability to visualise the impact of a shot before he even picks up the camera. He revels in this instinctive practice, whereby he captures the combination of light and shadow artistically in his shots creating artwork that is appealing on multiple levels; colour, symmetry and human connection. He draws inspiration from the likes of Fan Ho, Daido Moriyama and Saul Leiter which has now steered him into experimenting with analog film photography.

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