Ed Sloane

Ed Sloane

Ed Sloane Photographer Bells Fine Art

One of the classic, simple but brilliant surf coast photographers.

Ed’s work is devastatingly simple and devastatingly beautiful.

He understands composition and just knows what works. He also has his own style with colour, but as a photographer, his style is flexible, has an outstanding comprehension of what works with colours and composition.

Originally from ocean grove, Ed’s story has seen him move from working with the EPA to become one of the most sought-after surf photographers on the scene.  His work is published time and time again, he has a fantastic consistency and understanding of styles.

He is now travelling the world but relishes any opportunity to get back to the surf coast.

Humble and approachable, Ed’s helped emerging local talent to improve their photos, keeping them on track and giving advice. We love having Ed as part of our gallery.

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