Jane Fitzgerald

Jane Fitzgerald


Multi-media Photographer

After living abroad in China for the past several years, Jane Fitzgerald developed a love of both vintage film and digital photography, where she regularly shot highly populated urban landscapes in Nanjing.

Upon returning to Geelong, Jane has followed her passion for vintage film and has created a remarkable series inspired by the Federal Mills precinct called ‘Industrial Minimalism’.

With an eye for capturing and composing the beauty in the everyday and images the otherwise may be missed, Jane’s minimalistic style truly has created something stunningly unique to Geelong.

Her ‘Industrial Minimalism’ series has been cleverly combined with hand painted textures, using blue toned acrylic paints on watercolour paper overlayed on her stunning rooftop photography. 

Instagram @janecfitz

Portrait of Jane Fitzgerald courtesy of Photographer Ferne Millen

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