Jenny Laidlaw

Jenny Laidlaw

                                                                                                   Photo by Ferne Millen

Jenny Laidlaw brings her impressive and thoughtful collection of fun, loving, bright, colourful artwork to Bells Fine Art.  She creates an appreciation for the real, surreal and fantasy that envelopes your senses and imagination. Her art has an uncanny ability to make you smile as you dissect her impressive detail, intellectual thoughts and layered messages that goes into her work. Jenny’s work is a joy to behold and you can’t help but smile when you immerse yourself in Jenny Laidlaw’s world.

Close inspection of her work demonstrates Jenny’s attention to detail and her precision is second to none. Bold, bright colours bring with them an adult’s worldliness to an imaginary world, building in detail that goes far beyond artwork created for children.

Coming from a family involved in the Australian art scene, Jenny’s talent for creating artwork with a strong emotional message is personified in all her work. Her artistic connection displays a huge amount of time, forethought and precision in every single piece. There’s always a theme inspired by her love of travel, the beauty of her surroundings or interesting characters she’s encountered on the way. The journeys are beautiful, enchanting and immersive in every sense.

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