Juliette Pollock

Juliette Pollock is a contemporary impressionist artist originally from Lara and is now based in Melbourne.  Her love and passion for art and design led her into a career in textiles and graphic design which sparked her love of fashion, fabrics, fashion labels and provided her with extensive experience and knowledge.
Juliette’s work is largely influenced by her love of nature, fashion, texture and strong influential women.  Her portraits use mainly a monotone palette and relaxed brush strokes but strong shadow lines, creating an impressive presence in her muses that draws the viewer in.  Her artwork communicates the the hidden emotions of the subject and often their fears and inner strength.  Her other pieces use a wonderful mix of bold colours and strokes, building layers of interest.
Juliette has had a challenging life, a victim of domestic violence and a life of loss, pain and struggle has drawn her to painting and a career as an artist.  Art has provided Juliette with an escape and a way to express her emotions using an array of mediums, creating depth and intrigue through self-expression.