Kevan Way

Kevan Way, is a professional photographer with over 30 years experience who has travelled the world photographing on location for Getty Images and attracting world-wide acclaim for his incredible talent. Kevan grew up on the Northern beaches of Sydney and Byron Bay before moving to Melbourne in the early 80‘s. During this time he spent his time perfecting the art of photographing the ocean, the natural world and the rugged coastline of Victoria.
Kevan has lived through and surpassed the era of dark room film processing into the digital world where technology and his photography have come into their own. Technology has enabled him to produce and create massive panaromic images to create murals and impressive large-scale artwork. This work has allowed him to use a combination of 20-30 images to create a large file of over 3 metres in length with minimal loss to the resolution. This has become Kevan’s speciality and his work is available for purchase at any size.
The Surfcoast is a landscape photographer’s dream. It has opened up a creative medium for photographing other surfers, both capturing their lifestyle more than the traditional approach of shooting them riding waves. The large swells that wrap around the coast offer their own majestic quality about them, that is a privilege for any photographer to shoot. The man/woman and nature feeling of surfing is an impressive creative process and a very rewarding one for Kevan to engage in.