Kirsten Walsh

Kirsten Walsh

Kirsten fell in love with the colour pencil at school. Her love of the arts was amplified by her fascination with papers, the jars of brushes, the smells of paints, the music that would always play in the art class and the buzz of creative activity.

Kirsten was born in Melbourne and travelled extensively as a child, she was always a reflective, sensitive and private person. Kirsten also came from a family of talented artists, her father was a successful Graphic artist and Illustrator and had a huge influencer in her career, constantly encouraging her to pursue her love of art.

Her love of art was fully ignited as an adult when she travelled to Italy. The colour, freedom, architectural beauty of the country launched her passion for the arts again. After having her two beautiful daughters, her artistic expression and impressive talent for drawing portraits became Kirsten’s passion after doing some portraits inspired by her family.  Kirsten took her talents into different realms and found that she was being commissioned to do work with pets and portraits with families and this became a serious career, one that she was able to pursue fulltime.

Kirsten now resides in Jan Juc and is available for commission work and collaborative work with other artists, and we at Bells are so thrilled to have her on board as one of our feature artists.

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