Kyle Simpson

Kyle Simpson

Kyle's talent is for capturing outstanding weather situations, storm fronts, sunsets, sunrises, you will find him ‘shooting’ any time there’s a weather ‘event’.

A consistently solid photographer, Kyle’s work is a study of nature and landscape. His style is very formulated, displaying an understanding of how ‘colour’ works, which is different to many other photographers. His strong but simple composition suits corporate / office situations with relaxed, serene, gentle photography.

Kyle has been with Bells Fine Art for roughly a decade, and over that time his collaboration and learning with both other photographers and Bells Fine Art, has seen Kyle become a very competent professional quality photographer.

His collection has proven to be some of our best sellers in our former Torquay Gallery, as a result of his unique style/study of the intimate landscape.

A familiar face at the local camera clubs, Kyle makes time to help young and upcoming photographers by giving talks and seminars.