Lachlan Manley

Lachlan Manley

Lachlan is quite unique. He mainly shoots ‘night images’. He studies for his night photography, seeking out the required positions for Aurora Australis and Milky Way images. His fantastic study of the nocturnal environment allows Lachlan to capture scenes that cannot be seen with the naked-eye.

His style takes advantage of knowing where and when the Milky Way will be in the position for his compositions and his understanding of style, weather or Aurora Australis, and the combination of all the natural elements colour, fogs, storms etc. at night.

Lachlan brings something so unique into the Bells Fine Art gallery as no other local photographers were doing ‘night’ to the extent that Lachlan was. Having his presence in the gallery really shows the diversity that Surf Coast Photographers offers.

A helpful and approachable photographer, Lachlan often helps others via social media with free advice or information.

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