Matthew Stevenson

Matthew Stevenson

 Resident photographer, Matthew Stevenson loves to study both the quiet and violent side of nature often pre sunrise and post sunset.

Strength in simple composition comes from his experience in the Gallery and through knowing what customers appreciate.

He won the ‘2005 Digital Imaging Award for Landscapes’, and his folio includes seascapes, storms, weather events, and manages to capture scenes people don’t normally get to see.

Persistence is a prominent attribute of Matthews which manifests his style of photography, he often returns to same location every morning and night for two or three months, in order to capture elements of a scenario which are then compiled to create a single image from hundreds.

Having lived in the local coastal area for almost two decades, Matthew has had his own Gallery in Torquay for close to 13 years.  He recently closed the Torquay Gallery and opened one on James street, Geelong. A Photographer for that time, Matthew diversified into printing, and that taught him to be more of a holistic process, preparing a shot to be printed at the time of shooting.  Understanding that it is the emotional response to an image that customers purchase, images that bring memories back is a fundamental element of Matthew’s work.

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