Natalie Martin


Natalie Martin is a talented watercolour artist and graphic designer who works in the natural realm of botanicals and birds, reflecting her idyllic lifestyle and home on the Surf Coast of Victoria. She is a brilliant artist working with watercolours and experimenting with flowing shapes that allow her to depicting beautiful native flowers and stunning birds. Nothing inspires Natalie more than soaking up the sunshine and enjoying the outdoors, whilst she creates impressive work that rivals some of the best watercolour artists in Australia and the world.
Natalie looks at the beauty in life’s ordinary moments. Those things in your natural environment that pass you by every day, right under your nose. The things you only notice when you slow down and take a breath.
Her amazing talents working with watercolour have led her to sharing her talents with aspiring artists and novices who are fascinated with watercolour. Natalie shares her years of experience and uncovers the tricks and tips that allow us new artists to find their passion for watercolour.