Rob Kain

Rob Kain is an accomplished artist, working in the field of fine arts for more than 50 years.  He first exhibited as a sculptor in the 1970’s when he built an installation in Georges Mora Tolarno Gallery in Fitzroy Street St Kilda, followed by several other commissions and installations around Melbourne. More recently, Rob has featured in numerous exhibitions in Melbourne and Gippsland and exhibited work for several Surf Coast Arts Trails on the Great Ocean Road.
Rob both as a person and an artist, has always looked at the world differently. He takes a nuanced and wise stance on issues such as health, wellbeing, how to save the planet and conserve our natural world.
Rob’s fascination with nature led to a whole new field of exploration when he moved to Anglesea 10 years ago.  During his many strolls on the beach in the early morning, he became fascinated by the shapes and colours of nature found in the vegetation, clouds, and cliffs. He discovered that many of the same shapes seen in the natural world could be found by adding acrylic paint to droplets of water and photographing the results.
In the last 18 months he has conducted hundreds of experiments on different surfaces, using dozens of different forms of application.
From such a simple starting point, Rob has now created a whole new form of art and a collection that is complex, exciting, and aesthetically fascinating.