About Bells Fine Art

Bells Fine Art is a highly respected art studios in the Bellarine area. We specialise in the production of curated art, which is the finest replication of art in its most vivid and pure form. Bells is known for its impeccable standards of printing and reproduction. Our world-class printers and craftmanship, offers the finest form of art embellishment, visual execution and colour correction for all our talented artists’ work.

Bells Fine Art recruits some of the best Australian artists to showcase their collections online and to build a high-quality collection. The studio recruits artists to sell their work on the Bells Fine Art website. As the supplier of fine art in the region and across Australia, Bells delivers the best in art reproduction, trusted workmanship and impeccable quality.

An art in itself, Bells Fine Art re-creates art by using the finest mediums, world-class materials, creating original and limited edition pieces for the art world to enjoy.

As communication methods and display mediums have expanded, Bells Fine Art is maximising market reach and promotion via digital and online channels, offering greater exposure for artists hosted by the studio, nationally and internationally.


Artist's rates are available, please contact us for a quote.