We are proud to use EPSON printers for all fine art printing at Bells Fine Art.
Epson are pushing the boundaries in the printing world with class-leading Ultrachrome K3 inks and precise ultra fine print heads allowing for smooth gradients and fine detail. 


We use an Epson SureColor P20070 - 64" inch, for large format printing.
We print our images at 2880x1440, using the highest quality settings available.

For images that have a lot of solid blacks, we use one-way (direction) printing, ensuring smoother finish as all print head movement is in the same direction.

Our printers use 10 Ultra Chrome High Dynamic Range Pigment Inks to display the widest gamut of colours possible, that really "pops" the image with unsurpassed, beautiful contrast and tonal range throughout the whole image.

We soft proof and custom profiles for each paper-type, and use state of the art printers. Our Printers are profiled by Les Walkling, a name that is synonymous with high-quality printing throughout Australia.

We do all our work using an Ezo Screen Monitor. This ultra wide gamut screen has 30% more colour than you see on a standard RGB screen for matching vibrancy. This ensures that what we see is replicated by the printer.

This combination of high definition equipment ensures incredible contrast throughout the whole image produces the highest quality prints that are fade proof out of direct sunlight for 300 years.

This becomes a product that is going to last multiple lifetimes, which is why it’s worth the extra investment.


Our Epson 9900 has the widest colour gamut available employing 11 Epson UltraChrome HDR pigment inks, giving superb quality with smooth gradations, grain reduction and up to 2880 dpi resolution.

Combined with the highest quality printer papers, this printer produces incredibly vivid results.