Mural unveiled 


Bells Fine Art is very proud to partner with internationally acclaimed mural artist RONE to deliver an incredible permanent mural at Provenance Wines’ cellar door located in the heritage-listed Fyansford Paper Mills precinct. 

About the Muse

The muse of the Papermills depicts a soul from a former time when the space was a bustling paper mill.
Our muse sits with a reflective gaze, her features create a translucent glow. The rim light around her profile creates an impactful halo-affect.

Her downward gaze is restful, her porcelain face is at peace.
The highlights and shadowing in her features build a strong contrast between the light that is blanketing her face and shadows of the past.
She gazes down from above and a feeling of calm envelopes the space.

She is at peace with all that she sees. The space has transformed from its former time as memories flood back to her.
She closes her eyes and reflects. All the new and old textures combine together, she feels resolved.

The light source from the set of windows that overlook the Barwon River, blanket her face, creating warmth and balance, highlighting her angelic features. She is depicted as youthful, an ethereal being, the oldest soul of the Paper Mills.

So much time has passed since she spent time in this space, and at last she can take comfort in all the changes and new energy.
The moody sepia tones and textures of this innocent face are beautifully complimented by the surrounds. The sun, the light and the sounds, all her senses are triggered by her return.

She is comforted by the familiar sounds of Buckley Falls, the rippling river, the gushing and bubbling of water falling into the large waterholes, just as she remembered.

The sounds are familiar, rhythmical, and gentle.

She is in a safe place.

She is home.  

Collaboration with RONE 

Belinda White Studio Director & Artist Agent at Bells Fine Art talks about the collaboration with RONE.

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The story behind the artist and the Mural

Known in Australia and internationally as RONE, Tyrone Wright grew up in Geelong and started his artistic career as a street artist. His love of art was ignited initially by the skating scene, where he dabbled in skateboard stencilling and graffiti artwork at local skateparks.

Over time he developed his craft through the “abandoned building” art movement where he painted impressive large-scale female muses in old and decaying properties, warehouses and factories all over Australia and the world.

In 2017, as an internationally recognised mural artist, RONE returned to Geelong after he was commissioned to paint three silos overlooking Fyansford.
The silos had a formidable presence in the skyline of Fyansford, overlooking the Freeway, they became a figurative doorway to the Geelong region.

In April 2020, the Fyansford Silos were demolished creating a significant community outcry in the Geelong and Surf Coast region.
Following the demolition, Bells Fine Art, a local art studio, was determined to see RONE’s art return to Fyansford. Provenance Wines’ support of the arts led to a mutual partnership with Bells Fine Art, who during the height of the COVID pandemic, commissioned RONE to paint a muse in the restored Paper Mills location.

The COVID lockdown created in everyone a powerful urge to return home to share lost time with family. This mural has undeniably created the same opportunity for RONE.

RONE comes home.

Provenance Wines

Sam and Scott the owners of Provenance Wines share their thoughts about the collaboration in this video.

Provenance Wines located at Buckley Falls takes you on a timeless journey of beautiful wine, delicious food and unique place.

Elevate the everyday with Provenance.

The mural is located inside the Provenance Wines cellar door space.

Make a booking to dine with our muse.

Media Coverage

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