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Giclee Printing

Bells Fine Art is a Hahnemuhle internationally certified fine art studio, one of the only premium Giclee printers in the area.
Our Master Printer is highly experienced and prints on Hahnemuhle fine art canvas, cotton rag or metallic papers and all other traditional forms of media. We can also print artwork on removable wall applications. We have the capability and experience to print as wide as 1.4m on canvas and 1.5m on Fine Art Paper and any length.


We scan in the RGB 1998 colour profile to maintain the best colour quality and adjust the contrast, brightness and colour balance. After we have scanned the artwork we use non-destructive editing techniques to colour correct and edit the image on a ultra-wide gamut calibrated Eizo Monitor.

Once scanning and correcting is completed to the satisfaction of the artist, the image is soft-proofed using a paper profile to match our printers.

We scan your images to create digital versions of hand drawn art

Art Photography, Scanning & Post Production

We can photograph and colour correct any size artwork or enhance any photograph to create accurate texture, depth, tone and colour range.
All original artwork is scanned on our Epson Expression 1200XL scanner (up to A1 in size) or professionally photographed using natural light conditions in our studio utilising art photography techniques.

Following multiple scans, we stitch the entire image together using mathematical algorithms to ensure the pixel pattern is seamlessly merged into one high resolution image. Our preference is to work side by side with the artist or photographer to gain the most accurate result and to ensure the artist approves the final digital file. 

Post Production work is charged at $125 per hour and a high-res file is sent to the artist or photographer upon completion.

Quality of Care

We understand it’s so important to artists that reproductions are accurate, so once we have scanned the original image, we colour correct for ultimate accuracy.

We colour calibrate our scans under 5200K perfect white lights, to ensure perfect reproductions, and the treatment of each of the primary colours comes from our ability to select the right areas so there are no hard edges which ensure perfect colour blends.

Stretching and Framing

Bells Fine Art believes in the importance of quality in materials, handling and workmanship when working with your fine art.Which is why we only stretch artwork with our own in-house stretcher and our own trusted fine art framer for all our canvas float frames. We take pride in ensuring quality control over materials (carefully selected oak and milled hardwood), workmanship and final presentation.
Contact us for pricing, we offer custom sizing and framing on completion of your prints.
Please allow a 10 day turnaround for the stretching and framing process.

Restoring Archival and Vintage Photography

Our Master Printer is also our Chief colour specialist and an award winning photographer in his own right, hence has an eye for detail for all aspects of photography. Matthew works with the photograph to maintain its authenticity but carefully re-creates colour balance and tonal range, removing imperfections including smudging, dirt, decay and damage. We recently restored a 1927 aerial photo of Geelong's Federal Mills into digital format. The process involved smoothing out the surface, removing areas of damage, lifting the levels in areas of dark, injecting new life into it and printing the file to an A0 size. Here are the before and after shots.




We offer session times, so artists can work with our staff to ensure perfect reproduction with the artist's input, to re-create digital versions of their artwork. By coming in, you’ll be taught about the process, the calibration, the inks and the entire workflow which we've found ensures the best results for the artist, Bells Fine Art and clients!


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