V I V I D  C O L O U R is an exploration of artist styles and forms who work in the realm of vivid colour.

The exhibition is a celebration and recognition of the talents of street and mural artists, who have who have cleverly converted their work onto the canvas for the art world to enjoy.

The commissioning of street art projects and the appreciation of murals by the general community has become increasingly popular and has significantly increased the public’s exposure to high-quality art and artists. 

The appreciation of mural and street art has made art more mainstream and has given rise to new and emerging artists who use street walls, interiors and streetscapes as their canvas. 

The transient nature of street art has made this style all the more alluring and has been the driving force behind this exhibition.  Allowing street and mural artists to showcase their work in an exhibition setting has enabled Bells Fine Art to reach a broader audience and a more nuanced appreciation of art.

Our focus has been to showcase the immense talent that exists in the street art scene and educate the general community on art appreciation.

Our three artists come from different worlds and explore their style of art through the lens of their lives, their upbringing and their endless imagination.

We invite you to join us in Torquay for the exhibition that runs from 27 December 2019 - 26 January 2020.