Brittany March

Brittany March is an impressive self-taught fine artist who creates incredibly detailed pieces that reflect the beauty of marine life around her. Brittany was brought up in South Australia in an area renowned for its abundant marine life environment and coastal beauty. From a very young age Brittany has been fascinated with the ocean, its animals and the natural world. Brittany is very well travelled spending the majority of her early adulthood touring the world and immersing herself in new cultures, dynamic landscapes and new experiences. These influences brought her to the tranquillity and dramatic landscape of the surf coast where she settled and set up her home. From marine life, Brittany expanded her artistic exploration from sea life to native flora and fauna working in the fine art medium of pencil and charcoal.
Brittany lives by the philosophy that stunning art should be classically beautiful. Her style showcases the contradiction between minimalism and complexity through a striking harmonious balance.
Bells absolutely loves this work and we are sure you will too.